Saturday, May 14, 2011

Getting Settled!

Last week, while we were in the hotel, we bought Yogi Bear the movie. Jake and Cole had gone to see it with Gram and Aunt Becky and Aunt Katy on Christmas Eve ... and this was probably one of the BEST purchases we have made in the past, well who knows when! We have watched this movie to the point of memorizing lines, which actually isn't hard for Chris and Jake. It has been a great distraction, though - and we've had some fun family times watching this movie!
The boys have been doing really good through all this transition. Tonight is actually the FIRST night that we will all be sleeping in our beds! It has been just about a month since we last slept in them! The boys are already snoring away...
We are just unpacking boxes and boxes and more boxes. It's kind of like Christmas for the boys as I find more and more toys :-) It took me until tonight at 5pm to finally find the remainder of the train table pieces .... and Jake was just like, "I'm so happy! I'm so happy! I'm so happy!" I was truly his hero today :-) It's a tedious process - unpacking these boxes, especially with a 1 and 3 year old, but they are hilarious in their own ways. Jake just wants to help constantly ... and it's really sweet. He's always asking, "Can I help? Can I help? Can I help?" So, I am finding projects for him to "help" with. Cole is just a monkey and loving the jungle gym of boxes! The majority of the time he is climbing in the oven, climbing in the dishwasher, standing on the train table, and constantly climbing on boxes!
I still am enjoying the area. I love that tonight I was able to stop by Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Moe's, and Walgreens and be home in 45 minutes! Amazing! It really IS amazing how I had gotten used to not having these conveniences ... and now, I feel so ... free :-) Ha!
Here are some pictures from the past few days....

My cuties the last day in the hotel. I love this picture so much!!!
Playing on the playground with my big boy!
Dinner at Smokey Bones ... yum!
We had to take Cole to the ER on base, because he had a fever for about 4 days, so I wanted to get it checked out. Since we weren't officially checked in at Ft. Benning, we couldn't schedule an appointment and had to go to the ER. Jake and I hung out in the parking lot for 2 hours while Cole and Daddy got checked out. Sounds like Cole was a trooper - and actually just had fluid in his ear and a really bad cold (I could've sworn he had an ear infection). They gave him some motrin (and actually the next morning - Wednesday morning - on our way up the stairs to the apartment after a Starbucks run, he threw up all over me, but it was only that one time, so I know it was the medicine). I think he just wanted to add a little more excitement to our already exciting week! Cole seems to be feeling much better now - and no more fever!
Neither Cole nor Jake have given this toy any of their attention for 6+ months (not sure Cole ever really did, besides standing on it), BUT when the movers brought it in - you would've thought it was brand new ;-)

Cole passed out while the movers were moving things in....
BIKE GAME!!! Jake was pretty stoked to get this back!
Ahhhhh, OVERWHELMING!!!!!!!
Chris checked in yesterday morning. It sounds like his schedule is going to be pretty nice and flexible. This thrills me more than you can imagine :-) To think that he is going to be home for dinner every night and have the weekends off is just BEYOND amazing to me! Again, I may never want to leave here :-) I'm going to be totally spoiled!

Jake helping Daddy put the bed together!
The toys threw up in their room ....
THIS is pretty much what Cole does - at least he's sitting in this picture :-)

Alright, off to unpack a few more boxes. We'll be completely settled soon, so start planning your trips. You only have 6 months .... unless I can figure out a way for us to extend ;-)

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