Monday, May 30, 2011

I HEART Memphis.

I LOVE Memphis. I love BEING in Memphis. I have always loved this city. I'm not sure what it is about Memphis, BUT there is something. It could be the excitement of a buzzing city - or maybe the great music on Beale Street .... or probably the absolutely DELICIOUS taste of the BBQ. Of course, the MAIN reason I love Memphis so much is because of FAMILY. The family history that is embedded in this city - and all of the memories from growing up...and the closeness we all share now - even being all "grown up." I don't get to make it back to Memphis that often these days, so Chris and I were especially excited about being back there for Anne Marie's wedding. There are so many pictures to blog and so much to say .... and I will get to it all this week, but I wanted to give a little preview of the bride and groom - and then share the video of Jake and Kevin walking down the aisle. Anne Marie looked absolutely stunning - and so happy! It was wonderful to get to be there for her special day!
Jake and Kevin made it down the aisle .... looking like pros! It definitely wasn't the shortest aisle - and there were probably about 350-400 people there, so you never quite know how a 3 year old is going to react, BUT Jake and Kevin did great. Right before I turned off the camera, I gave Jake a thumbs up, and so you can see him flash back a thumbs up to me, too - pretty cute! Can't wait to share all my pictures from the weekend. I will get to it this week, but first thing on my agenda this morning is GROCERY SHOPPING, so I better get to it. Stay tuned for more wedding weekend excitement blogs ahead .... and more on WHY Memphis is so special to me.

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Ashleigh Paxton said...

i LOVE the thumbs up!! LOVE IT!!