Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekend FUN.

I may hold on to this picture for blackmail :-) Haha! Sweet Jake... I love him so much!! I love how he has my heels on, but still has a huge grip on that bat!!
We went to the Festival of Lights in Charleston this weekend. It was a rainy night, but we had a great time! Jake especially loved all the lights.
The T-rex was one of his personal favorites!

When he saw this, he said Nana and Papa have a clock like that (and they do have a big grandfather clock in their house)!! :-)

Look at Cole's face :-( He fell yesterday - and scratched up his face pretty bad :-( Chris and I were right there in the living room with him, but he just fell the wrong way on some toys... poor guy!! He's going to be so tough, though!

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