Monday, December 20, 2010


Homecomings.... there really is nothing like them. I know I reminisced recently on here about my first homecoming with Chris after his first deployment to Iraq.... and today, I had the privilege to re-live that time a little bit. Each homecoming is special in it's own way .... and they never get old (although the deployments get pretty old), but I think your first homecoming is extra special. From a spouse perspective, it's completing something that you never thought you'd possibly be able to make it through!! You are filled with anticipation, pride, happiness, RELIEF - it's almost like you're not sure how to handle all of those emotions at once. Today, I was able to re-live those feelings I have felt through watching my good friend Ashleigh welcome home her husband Thayer after their first deployment! Ashleigh and I became pretty fast and good friends while Thayer was gone. I think/hope I was able to provide her an outlet during some of her "lonely" times ... and she has been a blessing to me, b/c well, Chris isn't deployed right now (thank goodness), but his schedule can be pretty crazy, so she has been a constant in my life over the past several months - and a true lifesaver at times. It's one of the things I appreciate about the military lifestyle - how instantly you can connect to some people ... just because you are experiencing the same situations that others can't quite understand. I digress, though, because what I want to really say is how HAPPY my heart is tonight that Thayer is home safely and that Ashleigh has him back! I'm thankful for the sacrifices that both Thayer and Ashleigh made/make - it's because of families like theirs that make our country so great and so safe! I'm also thankful that the Lord used a hard time (a deployment) to bring about a really good friendship. I'm thankful that as I'm writing this, they are together. :-) Welcome Home Thayer! Way to go Ashleigh!!

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