Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nana and Papa's House!

The boys and I drove down to Florida with my mom and dad to visit Nana and Papa over the past couple of days. Chris was gone for the cruicible, so we figured it would be the perfect opportunity. I like taking every chance I get to go to Nana and Papa's house - especially since we are only about 4 hours away right now. Soon, we will move - and possibly across country again, so it will be harder and harder to get down there ..... and I just love being down there with them. Like always, we had such a great time seeing them and the rest of the family. No Florida trip is ever complete without some pictures on the dock! Lots and Lots of memories on the river! I'm so glad my boys get to experience it, too!
As you can see, Cole loves it :-)

I will add, though, that now that I have my own young kids, I am a little more nervous than I used to be (as a kid) going out on the dock :-) I now understand a LITTLE more why our parents would always "freak out" when we would go running out there :-)

Ahhhh..... you can never have enough of these pictures!

I know to most of you you may wonder why I took a picture like this (and sorry, Dad, that you were mid-bite), but for anyone in the family, you know how many wonderful memories have been made at this kitchen table! It's always fun enjoying breakfast and fresh squeezed OJ at the table, chatting, and enjoying the amazing scenery. It just never gets old....

Loving the outdoors - we had great weather!

So sweet....
I love this :-)
Such fun boys....

This rocking chair used to be Papa's rocking chair as a kid....

Jake LOOOOVED this magnifying glass.... oh my goodness, he must've looked at everything in the house with this thing :-)

Love it!

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