Tuesday, November 9, 2010

10-Month Update

Happy 10-months Cole!! That is SO hard to believe (probably what I say as every month passes). Cole celebrated 10-months by really starting to WALK! He had been taking steps here and there for a couple of weeks, but I wasn't "counting" it quite yet, but he has officially TAKEN OFF (video to follow). He is saying "mama", "dada", and "baba" (either brother or bottle)?! He also has started waving, but I have yet to get that on video. Next up for Jake and me to teach him during the days is clapping. :-)
I have been catching Cole "reading" lately, too - which means, he will sit still for about 30 seconds or so - BIG accomplishment :-)
He is so talented, he can read upside down ....
and of course, it wouldn't be a good book without TASTING it (not encouraged, though) :-)

EATING. This is about how Cole looks after eating every meal! Bibs are a no-go with Cole. Period. He chokes himself with them and pulls them off anyway - and fusses that they are on! Cole pretty much only wants to eat finger foods - not baby food as much (although he loves green beans and the meats), BUT ultimately he would prefer playing over eating, so every meal comes with its own adventure - literally, no exaggeration (which is so different from his brother who used to eat like a horse at Cole's age - no flailing and fussing ... ha). Mealtimes are NEVER without a huge mess, either - his favorite place to put his food is in his hair, so it's not unusual to pull out a dried apple or sticky puffs 2 hours later that were hiding up there -- ha :-) AND, even though I will never understand why someone would put carpet down in an eating area (makes for a disaster to clean up), it's ALL good with this precious SMILE at the end of a meal .....
Cole has also been taking 60-90 seconds here and there to sit in "his" size chair now. He thinks he is in charge of the world in this thing :-)

He is also starting early with the technology ..... probably typing up his list to Santa for Christmas.
Here is Cole's debut walking video :-) This was taken about a week ago (and yes, Jake is talking on "his" phone to Aunt Jul on this video - she was obviously telling him something BIG, b/c he kept saying "WOW"). Over the past week, Cole has transitioned pretty much to walking as his primary means of transportation. Even this morning, I was just noticing how he doesn't really crawl anywhere anymore. Exciting.... and a little bittersweet, but I understand his sense of urgency to get moving, so he can keep up with his big brother!


Kate said...

It makes me happy that both of your boys love to "read" :)

Jenny Sherouse PHOTOGRAPHY said...

I cannot believe Cole is walking at 10 months! jake must be a pretty good motivator. They're both adorable...as always.

Allison Ashinhurst said...

Katy... me, too :-) Jenny... thanks :-) yeah, cole is just trying to keep up with jake (like i've said, jake didn't walk until 15 months, so cole keeps me on my toes). Jack is super cute, too - LOVED the pumpkin costume pictures on facebook! Keep them coming!!