Friday, November 12, 2010

Memory Lane...

A friend of mine posted some pictures on facebook yesterday of herself and her friends being reunited with their husbands after deployments. There was one of Chris and me among all the pictures .... and it motivated me to pull out my photo album and take a little stroll down memory lane. It was appropriate and all, since it was Veterans Day yesterday. So, I thought I would share with you all the "welcome home" pictures. April 29, 2007 - the day Chris got home SAFELY from his first deployment. It was probably the best day of my life. There is no feeling quite like the feeling of seeing your loved one walk towards you after a combat deployment - and in this particular deployment, Chris and I had limited communication, which made it all the sweeter seeing him. I always describe that day and feeling as "the best feeling in the world that you never want to have to experience again" :-) Unfortunately, I did get to experience it again with another deployment - and I have a feeling I haven't had my last "welcome home from deployment" feeling. I love looking back at these pictures, though - and seeing the happiness in our faces - and knowing the relief I was feeling.
Chris, of course, isn't the only person who serves this country. Many have served before him, many serve now, and many will serve in the future. I am thankful for EACH and EVERY person who serves - and has served this amazing country. It is because of men like Chris that we have the freedom we so enjoy. Happy Veterans Day - and thank you - to all those who have served in any capacity in our armed forces. I make it a daily effort not to take your sacrifices - or the sacrifices of your families, for granted!

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