Friday, October 15, 2010

Videos from trip to Virginia

We had such a great time seeing family and friends in Virginia (if you can't already tell by the 196 pictures I took - see below post) :-) Besides having a little car trouble on the way up and getting a speeding ticket on the way back, the drive went smoothly and the boys did really good on the 8 1/2+ hour drive! It's always great seeing family - we just wish Chris could've been with us, but as Jake says, "he's makin' money" :-) We had our first trip to Chuck E Cheese, went to 2 pumpkin patches, hit up Starbucks every day (yay for Mommy), got pictures taken, went to a wine festival, and of course found a playground that helped the boys let go of lots of energy. Below are a few videos that give just a little "taste" of the fun we had!

Jake playing skee ball at Chuck E Cheese. He EVENTUALLY did get it over the little bump (right after I stopped the video). He loved skee ball - and kept coming back to it!

Aunt Jenn doing an awesome flip in the bouncy house (by the way, Jake laughs hysterically every time we watch this video. He loves it and says, "that is good jumpin' Aunt Jenn")!

Going down the slide .... wasn't quite as fast as he was expecting :-)

Jumping and bouncing all around!

Pig races .... hilarious!! "You might be a redneck if .... you are watching pig races on a Friday night." I told Jake that I saw my first pig race at 29 - and he saw his at 2 :-) Too funny!

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