Friday, October 15, 2010

9 months ....

I can't believe my "baby" is over 9 months old (almost 9 1/2 now)! We had his 9-month appointment today - and he got a good report. He weighs 19.6lbs and is 28.8" long (25th and 50th percentiles). I was happy about his weight - mainly because he's just not that interested in food - he would much rather be MOVING and EXPLORING instead of sitting still and eating (although I would call it moving and eating, b/c there is no sitting still - ever - with Cole)! I tend to compare Cole with Jake, which is normal I imagine, but Jake couldn't get enough food, so I was hoping that Cole was gaining enough weight. I have to remind myself that Cole is just built differently than Jake, too, so he may just not need/want as much as Jake did at 9 months. All that to say - his appointment went exceptionally well - and only had his finger pricked to check iron levels .... and he didn't even cry, so it was a success!!

Cole is a bundle of joy! I mean, aren't all children, though?! His smile can light up the room. He started waving a little bit - and he gives High 5's, which is fun! He is definitely in the "separation anxiety" stage - and pretty much won't let me out of his sight, which makes it hard to accomplish much of anything - but the day will come when he will just want to hang out in his room alone, so I'm just enjoying it now while I can :-) I can't get him to sleep much past 5am (another difference with Jake and Cole - Jake was an amazing sleeper), but at least he goes to bed around 730pm. Cole is NOT a napper - oh gosh, if only I could get him to nap more, but he is too busy wanting to do everything with his brother - and I know I could get him to nap if I stayed home all day every day, but now wouldn't that just be boring :-) He is cruising EVERYWHERE .... and I keep the video camera close, b/c he will be walking most any day, I bet. He has such personality already. He has even started throwing "tantrums" when he is mad that I'm taking something away from him (usually something OUT OF HIS MOUTH). I love baby tantrums, though, because it's one of the first phases of expressing themselves - and I love it (2 year old tantrums, not so much). And that is pretty much what is going on with our "Cole Baby" as Jake still calls him :-) Gosh, I love this kid. I remember asking people with multiple children while I was pregnant with Cole, "How am I ever going to love another child as much as I love Jake?!" It was instant, automatic (exactly how other mothers told me it would be) - and I can't imagine our family without this bundle FULL FULL FULL of energy .... and that heart warming smile. 9 months old .... time does fly when you're having fun - and chaotic FUN is what we do have around here :-)

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