Saturday, October 30, 2010

Parris Island Harvest Festival

Last night was the Parris Island Fall/Harvest Festival - and the fact of the matter is that there were 5 bouncy houses (yes, 5!), so Jake couldn't contain his excitement from the time the car stopped! :-) We had some good weather - and although the bugs were HORRIBLE, it was fun having "Miss Ashleigh" come along with us - and Daddy was able to come over after work, too! Here are some of the highlights .....
Jake's favorite bouncy house! It was filled with bigger kids (because it had the fastest slide), so I encouraged Jake to pick 1 of the other 4 that were there, but he INSISTED on this one, so I just told him that if he got knocked down, to just get back up. I'm pretty sure he held his own - he was SO happy and excited .... and every time he'd go down the slide, he would be looking to make sure that "Miss" Ashleigh, Mommy, and Cole were watching :-)
Jake going down the slide....

Cole taking it all in with "Miss" Ashleigh. Cole was a huge fan of the dog on top of this bouncy house, too!
Jake getting his face painted and stamped!

Showing off his SPIDER WEB!
Yay! Daddy came :-) Cole was so happy!

Jake was, too, once he noticed from inside the bouncy house that Daddy was there ....

Jake trying to go back in for more (oh, and he had to ditch the Thomas costume while in the bouncy house, b/c it was hindering his jumping efforts) :-)
Sweet Elise :-)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this girl!!!!!!!

Trying hard for a family picture :-)
BUT it's just so hard to get everyone to look at the camera at the same time - ha! :-)
We ran into Elise and Eliana, so we were trying to get the 4 of them in their costumes, but that wasn't happening, either :-) Too many distractions!

Funny story, but Thomas is a kid favorite by far, so people were saying hi to Thomas (aka Jake) all night, and some kid ran up and kind of punched (but not in a mean way - the kid was just excited) Jake's Thomas head (that sticks out), so it was kind of funny - and Jake wasn't quite sure what to think - and this was the face he was making. You probably had to be there, but it was HILARIOUS!

Having so much FUN!
Now, off to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball for Children this morning. Another fun day ahead - and I think some more bouncy houses!

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