Thursday, October 21, 2010

31 Words...

Jake memorized 31 important words on Thursday. It wasn't planned - it just happened. As we were leaving base (the Naval Hospital) from our morning walk, the flag was being raised and the National Anthem being played, so all traffic comes to a stop, and as we sat there with the windows rolled down, Jake was asking what the song was, so we started talking about the National Anthem .... Then, I just decided to have him repeat the Pledge of Allegiance after me. He did. Then he said, "again mommy." So, we said it again. And Again. And Again. By the end of the day - he had it memorized (it's amazing the conversations and "teaching" opportunities you have while in the car).
As I thought about the fact that Jake was learning something that makes up so much of who we are - but at the same time not quite being able to understand what the words mean yet, I realized how often I have said this pledge, often not thinking about the true substance of these 31 words. So, I got out this coffee table book I bought several years ago called A Recommitment to America: I Pledge Allegiance by D.K. Webb. The author basically breaks down each of these 31 words and the importance of each word. It was refreshing to read this book - and be filled with pride in this amazing country we live in! It's so easy for people to look at all the things that are wrong - BUT what we forget is that there is so MUCH RIGHT! Jake will eventually learn the importance of what this pledge means, but in the meantime .... I watch my 2 1/2 year old saying this plegde, in all of his innocence, and am filled with gratitude that he has the privilege to grow up in this wonderful country - a country that many have given so much for. I sure am proud to be an American - and I hope Chris and I can instill that same pride and love of country into Jake and Cole as they get older.

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