Monday, July 20, 2009

Spontaneous Florida Trip!!

This past weekend, we took a spontaneous trip to see my grandparents in Florida.  They live about 3 1/2 hours away from us...and my Nana had surgery about 10 days ago and my Mom and Aunt Beverly were headed down to FL, and so I decided that Jake and I would go for the weekend, since Chris was gone anyway.  We decided to surprise my grandparents - and surprise them, we did (so that was fun)!!  PLUS, it was not only a special treat getting to spend time with my grandparents - and them getting to spend some time with Jake, but it was obviously great to see my Mom and Aunt Beverly....and my Aunt Elaine, Uncle Don and Aunt Charline....and my cousin Melissa and Ron and their kids Rylee and Blake - and my cousin Jennifer!!  It was LOTS of fun!!  Jake was into everything (of course), BUT he was so excited to be with everyone.  He loved playing with Rylee, who is almost a year old - and he also loved trying to keep up with Blake (Jake thought he was AS BIG as Blake ..... it was pretty hilarious, actually).  Blake brought a friend over on Saturday - and Blake and Aaron were playing, but Jake would be in the same room laughing and running around thinking he was playing with them....and thinking he was "big stuff" ......  It was especially cute to see Rylee and Jake hug!  It was really just a fun time all around - and we always enjoy the opportunity to see cousins and family....and Nana and Papa, too!!  I wish we were able to be with everyone more!  

                                                 Jake and Rylee hugging :-)
Rylee, Jake, and Blake (it's pretty impossible to get everyone to look at the camera at the same time)! :-)
        Jake with Blake and can tell by Jake's face that he is LOVING life!!

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Heather said...

AW!! I am so jealous but I'll be there soon. Blake is getting so handsome isn't he. They are all so cute I could just eat 'em.....well not really! :) So gald you had fun!! Can't wait to be there in 2 weeks myself!!! Sorry we missed you though and that sweet little Jake. We will have to work that out soon. I don't think you are too far from here! :) - Hugs