Monday, July 20, 2009

SO SAD :-(

Jake has had a couple of friends move lately (that's what happens when most of your friends are military families).  This morning I realized that he was looking out the front door window...and I thought to myself that I bet he saw the moving truck at Jacob's house across the thing I know, Jake took off for his room - and I walked in to find him staring out his window......I think he is wondering what is going on over there.  It's kind of good that Jake isn't old enough to quite realize that Jacob is moving.  Jake and Jacob have been playing every Tuesday morning for the past couple of months - and Jake LOVES it!  In fact, Jacob and his Mom stopped by Friday morning to drop something off - and Jake cried for 20 straight minutes after they left, because he thought they were coming over to play! :-)  I just thought it was funny/sad that Jake was staring out his bedroom window wondering what was going on over at Jacob's house this morning....  BUT, Gram and Poppy will be here tomorrow for the week, so Jake will not be concerned about Jacob one bit come tomorrow!

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