Thursday, August 7, 2008

Like Father, Like Son.

When it comes to eating, the two men in my life are extremely similar!! They want every LAST bite. All of it. Leave nothing behind. I am a slow eater - they both are REALLY fast. So, the other night, I was feeding Jake carrots and oatmeal. Carrots....watered down, runny carrots. He finished all of the carrots AND then all of the oatmeal (he still had a bottle to take), but before he even showed interest in the bottle, he wanted to make sure he wasn't leaving any of the carrots behind. So, as you can see from these pictures....Jake was licking the remaining carrots (that had dropped from his bib) off of the tray!! I think I can remember times where Chris has "licked" his plate, too! I just don't have a pictures - yet. :-)

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