Saturday, August 16, 2008


Jake did it. He crawled. I even have more witnesses than just myself :-) He first did a 360 degree scoot. He has been scooting all over the place lately, but tonight...he actually CRAWLED. He still tries to do more "swimming" than anything (he is going to have some good abs), but tonight....he crawled 2 little crawls. I have it on video, but it's about 10 minutes long, so I will spare everyone. It's pretty exciting....but I also know I better conserve my energy for when he really starts taking off!


Shawn and Taniya said...

Are you serious right now?!? I WANT TO SEE THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!! This is why we set up blogspot silly, b/c it takes us like 4 years to drive out to THE GROVE and see stuff in real life or on your dad's T.V. !!! To quote our boy from Jerry Maguire... SHOW ME THE VIDEO.... :) Love you!

Smith Family said...

Wow! That is a serious step!:) Now that he knows what he can do, you're right, in two seconds he'll be everywhere! Get ready.:)