Thursday, August 7, 2008

Have you ever wanted to put your big toe in your mouth?

The definition of flexibility (adj) is 1. capable of being bent or flexed 2. capable of being bent repeatedly without injury or damage. The second definition is my favorite. I never thought Jake was going to be able to put his big toe in his mouth. I just didn't see it happening. Not only did I think he was going to be too big or long, BUT mainly because Chris and I can't even TOUCH our toes standing up (yes, that is true). We would be the opposite definition of flexible. So, as I watch Jake continually put his toes in his mouth...and do it without injury or amazes me! I keep telling him that he better enjoy it while he can, because he doesn't have flexibility in his genes.

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Shawn and Taniya said...

My ABSOLUTE favorite pics of your little boy! Gives new meaning to the phrase "put your foot in your mouth"! Love you!