Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chris update - complete with captions from Chris himself

The Ranch House: This was an abandoned house we used as a CP (commandpost) for a few days. It was pretty nice, you could tell whoever built it put some time and money in it. This is where we were staying when the camels invaded.
The Fort: Another CP for us. This was an old British Colonial fort,probably built 80 years ago and more than likely occupied by a colonial British company back when they were in the middle east. It was pretty rough inside.
CO and XO: This is me standing next to the CO's tank...I'm sure we were discussing some important tactical decisions.

Sandstorm Coming: I know this picture isn't the best, b/c of the dust...but the large cloud you see is a sandstorm coming in from thewest. This one wasn't even that bad in comparison to a lot of them.

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