Sunday, April 29, 2012

More of SOCCER

April has been the month for Soccer.  Every Saturday morning, Jake has soccer practice/games.  I really like how Spotsylvania County does their 4 year old soccer program.  They work with a group of Massaponax High School Soccer players - and they spend the first part doing drills, etc., and then break up into small teams for a game.  I think it's so organized - and they actually learn the skills of the game ... it's not just a "free for all", which is important at this age, I think.  With all that being said, the verdict is still out with whether Jake really LIKES playing - but he is getting better and better each week, so I feel the more he learns, the more he enjoys it!  Here are some pictures (and videos) from soccer so far this month.
Silly boy getting ready for soccer.  

Showing his muscles for Daddy ....

He actually wasn't feeling too great this Saturday morning (allergies have about killed us in this household this spring.  I think between Jake and Cole and fevers and Dr. appts., they have both had double ear infections - and we've been to the pediatrician about 7-8 times between the 2 of them).

He's center-right :-)

Directly in the center .... #12!

This was the Saturday he wasn't feeling good - and he passed out the second we got in the car :-)

He has the red shorts on ...

Pretty much in the center (in the red shorts)

Running back on the field after a gatorade break...

Standing up in the back ... They were learning how to play goalie.

Here are some soccer videos ....

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