Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Family Pictures

This past Sunday, we had our 1st official family picture taken since Cole was born! Yep, you read that right :-) I really wanted to get a picture of the 4 of us in this beautiful lowcountry scenery of Beaufort before we move. Sunday was a day filled with thunderstorms - except the 30 minute window we did our pictures, so it was fantastic!! Brandi of Palmetto Pics was awesome - and we had such a good time .... the boys did really well, too :-) I love me some lowcountry .... AND my family!!!

This is the feel of the lowcountry for sure ... moss on the trees, etc!

Precious boys.
Love love love them!!!

This is Chris's favorite picture!
Jake definitely was all about the silly faces throughout the photo shoot ... he's at that age :-)

This is one of my favorite pictures of the day....

Love how we are in color and the background is black and white - way cool!!!
Love how it is diagonal!!! Cole's expression is priceless, too!
IF I could do this picture over, I would be hugging my handsome husband :-) We look like we are deep in conversation - and really, we must've done about 10 "takes" of this picture, b/c the boys kept running back to us, so.... that's why we are in the background basically with our fingers crossed that it'll work this time :-)
They LOVED this horse!

Yep, that's about right....

Such a great time ... great memories :-)
*(Note to family, I have the copyright to these pictures now, so if you want me to email you any particular ones, so you can make copies - or if you want me to make any copies for you... just email me and let me know)*

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