Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Day in the Life of Cole

Cole is PACKED FULL of energy. There was nothing that could have prepared me for his energy and movement level. Cole wakes up at 530am every morning (it was 630am for 2 days after daylight savings time, but then he adjusted back to his normal 530am). He has done this since he was 2 months old, and he wakes up and is READY to go go go! There is no "lazing" around with Cole. When he is not climbing into his crib (yes, he did this) or climbing into the kitchen chairs or on the couch or on top of the bookshelf or unlocking and climbing on top of the dishwasher or on top of the TV stand, he is eating books or DVDs that he is reaching by climbing up the DVD stands or eating toilet paper from a bathroom that the door was accidentally left open, or eating diapers or maybe if he's giving me a break....eating food that he has purposefully thrown from his highchair onto the floor, so that he can eat it at a later time:-) All of that happens before 7am and then we eat breakfast, since Jake is getting up by then! Ha! Cole doesn't like to sleep, but he does eventually go down around noon - and he is finally starting to extend his nap times to about 2 hours in length, which is AMAZING (even if Jake has now quit taking naps) :-) There is no child proofing a house for Cole. I mean, what else can you do with a dishwasher besides lock it?! He just unlocks it and climbs right in :-) Cole really does put a whole new meaning to the word MONKEY, but the kid LOVES to explore .... and it amazes me how much he learns from all of his exploring. Here are some of his favorite things to do throughout the day:

He loves to talk on the phone.... :-)
He loves to watch the movie that Chris made about Jake about a year ago (and if you blow this picture up, you will notice huge scratches on his back from a fall he took - no tears, of course .... just a look of "well, that stinks that I fell" and he hops right back up).
He LOVES wearing shoes and especially putting on Jake's, Daddy's, or Mommy's shoes. Here he is wearing his own, though.
Cole LOVES to be outside .... LOVES it. He will stand at the front door crying and pointing outside.
And Cole LOVES to fall down (notice the scraped up knee - again no tears). Cole knows what gravity is - and enjoys it :-)

Here is Cole in a rare moment playing with toys we actually have :-) Normally, I am removing him from his position of standing ON TOP of the train table, but lately he is starting to actually play with it, too. It's in THESE rare moments that if I'm not video taping, I can take a 20 second bathroom break :-)

AND laughter definitely is part of a day in the life of Cole. He loves to laugh and giggle and play.

I am thankful for the nice weather we have been having lately that allows me to help both Cole and Jake expend energy :-)

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