Sunday, February 20, 2011

LAST Initial Drill

Chris had his LAST initial drill on Monday. After 8 cycles, this is our LAST cycle. I don't think I've ever posted pictures of initial drill.... we never really stay that long, b/c the boys can only make it a little while, but basically it is practice drill for the NEW recruits. These guys look like babies out there :-) Each platoon gets graded on how they did. Drill is obviously a big deal at Parris Island (aka The Drill Field). It's truly amazing seeing the progress recruits make when you watch initial drill (the 4 week mark) and then final drill (the 11 week mark), and finally graduation! It's also so impressive and noticeable with how hard the drill instructors have worked over the past 12 weeks to turn the recruits into marines. BUT - we aren't there in this cycle yet.... only on week 5! Still trucking along, though.....

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