Wednesday, February 23, 2011

F-18 .... Jets!

Last Saturday afternoon when Chris got home from work, we had the awesome opportunity to go check out the jets that fly over our house all the time at the air station! Not only did we get to check them out, but we got our own personal "tour", which was outstanding! Our good friend Thayer flies these (and just got back from deployment a couple of months ago), so we had such a good time being able to sit in the jets and get the scoop on everything! Jake was a little overwhelmed with all of the buttons, but he has been talking about them a lot since Saturday. Chris and I have never been in one, so that was really cool for both of us. We appreciate Thayer and Ashleigh showing us the F-18 .... on a day when he didn't have to be on base or at work! We had such a good time!

It was a beautiful day! This is Jake on the way to the air station....
Mr. Thayer putting the helmet on Jake.
LOVE his face. That helmet probably weighed almost as much as he does :-)
Jake was up first.

He did want to make sure that he wasn't going to fly away, but I think he could potentially be a pilot in the making .... :-)
As we were driving home later on, Jake said "That was so much fun. That plane has so many buttons!!"
Chris getting a turn....
Being in the jet was making Chris a little excited to get back on a tank, too!

Daddy and Jake :-)
Cole, OF COURSE, needed a turn!! He just wanted to be sitting in there, too, so I couldn't get a really good picture of him.
There is no way in this world that I would survive in one of these - waaaaay too claustrophobic for that. However, I asked Thayer a ton of questions, b/c I just think it's so fascinating that he flies these every week - multiple times ... and for a living!!!
I had Ashleigh (aka the pro) helping me out ....
Yep, we're acting like we know what we are doing up there!
FUN day!

Flying the F-18 is no joke. There is so much to learn and know. It's just absolutely amazing to me ... so so awesome! Thanks for a FUN day Thayer and Ashleigh!!

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