Monday, March 1, 2010

Video Catch Up...

Blogger has been taking a while to download videos, so I haven't been uploading lately (and for me, "lately" means like in the past week - ha), but here are a few from this past week. The first is our NIGHTLY ROUTINE with Jake. After bath, he runs from Daddy .... and Daddy chases the "gator" and then finally catches him and puts on his shirt. It sounds crazy, I'm sure - but these are the memories we will hold on to :-)

This is Jake "riding" his bike right now :-) I'll post another down the road when he actually starts riding it CORRECTLY!

And last but NOT is precious Cole :-) It's so fun that he is starting to grab and things and notice things more. And of I've mentioned over and over, I LOVE the smiling.

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