Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Bunny!

So, on Friday.....we picked up Libby from the airport in Savannah (yay) - and then ventured over to the Mall to see the Easter Bunny :-) As you can see, Cole was the only one willing to be with this friendly, HUGE bunny (of course, he also seems somewhat hidden, too)!! Jake was very excited talking about GOING to see the Easter Bunny....and even when we first saw him - from a distance, Jake was all excited. THEN, the Easter Bunny waved at Jake - and Jake pushed me in front of him like he was being shy. When I started walking him over to the Easter Bunny - well, he wasn't too thrilled - and started to cry. I definitely wasn't going to force it, so I made sure he knew he did not have to go see the Easter Bunny. I was secretly hoping that once the Easter Bunny was holding Cole, that Jake would be okay with going over there, too, but Jake (FROM AFAR) just waved and smiled - and basically was saying, "every man for themselves" :-) I tried a couple more times to get him to go over there, but there was no way it was happening. So, for this year - it's just Cole and the Easter Bunny. I figure by the time Jake is 8 and Cole is 6, they MAY both actually be in a picture with the Easter Bunny together - haha :-)

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