Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jake Moments

Here are a couple of Jake stories for you:  

*The first one comes complete with the picture to the left.  On Monday, Jake did a few things that he shouldn't have been doing - and Chris kept laughing instead of keeping a straight face.  So, at dinner that night, I was giving Chris a hard time saying that he keeps his bearing when it comes to recruits all day long, but he is weak when it comes to keeping a straight face around Jake :-)  Chris and I were just saying how Jake does all these things that are funny, but we really need to try not to laugh at him.  While Chris and I are deep in conversation, it was like Jake could HEAR us, b/c we look up - and he has split his ravioli and placed a piece on each one of his cheeks!  Chris and I immediately looked at each other and both started cracking up!  It was as if Jake was listening to us talk about how we need to keep a straight face around him....and Jake was going, "i'll show them..." The kid is always up to something .... :-)

*Tonight, I ordered pizza.  When Dominos showed up at the door, instead of trying to head outside like he usually does, Jake saw the pizza, RAN STRAIGHT for his high chair, climbed up INTO it allllll by himself, and was sitting down staring at me waiting for me to hand him a piece of pizza.  I would say the boy loves pizza :-)  haha.

*It's so funny, but when Jake is "hiding" from us.....he puts his head on the ground and sticks his butt in the air and closes his eyes.....almost like if we can't see his face and he can't see us because his eyes are closed, then we won't be able to "find" him.  It's hilarious!!

There is one more, but I am drawing a blank at the moment, so....I'll share it when I remember it :-)  

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