Friday, January 2, 2009

Wagon FUN

Well.....we are now back in SC. I have some more pictures/videos to post from Christmas, but who knows if they will make it on the blog or not?! We are now in unpacking mode, which is a LONG, TEDIOUS process! Thankfully, Aunt Becky and Aunt Katy came down to visit this week to help out with Jake (and see the house) while Chris and I got some unpacking done. They have been such a HUGE help, and I really appreciate them coming down for a few days! They also brought Jake presents from Christmas that wouldn't fit in our car on the way back down of those items was THE WAGON. Here are some pictures (and hopefully video to follow) of Jake getting a ride in the wagon. The boy thinks he is "the man" in this thing - he LOVES it. He is sure to pick up lots of chicks as we stroll around the neighborhood ;-)

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Kate said...

Yay!! It was so much fun to spend time with you all at your house!! And yay for the wagon, Jako IS big stuff when he is riding around in that thing. Love you guys!