Saturday, January 10, 2009

Destination: West Palm Beach, FL

Well, Jake and I are on the road again! This weekend we headed down to West Palm Beach, FL for my cousin Susan's wedding (which was today...more on that soon). After we get back home tomorrow (or Monday....depending on how well Jake does travelling tomorrow), we are done with the trips for a while - probably until Aunt Katy's graduation at the beginning of May! BUT - what a fun weekend and trip this has been!! Oh, and the weather - WOW! Aunt Jul went to college down here in West Palm, so it was great to be back and show Jake around....and I wish Chris could've been able to come and see it down here - and be here with family and for the wedding. On Friday, we walked around some in West Palm....went to the beach.....ate some gelatos (which Jake LOVED)....and just enjoyed the sunshine!

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