Monday, January 26, 2009

Jake is BAAAACK...

I know, I know....I've been bad at blogging lately. It's not really my fault, though (I mean, never is - just ask Chris...) :-) Not only has it been a little bit hectic, but the MAIN reason is because our internet just really isn't working at our house. SO, it takes me like 20 minutes to even pay a bill online - much less upload some pictures! I just haven't had time to really go and get the internet situation worked out. See, we have an aircard that we use, which has been great up until this point, but since we don't get good service here (internet OR cell phones), we are trying to figure out what route we want to go. First of all, I need to go to Verizon to talk to them about the connection, but I just haven't made time to do all of that yet, b/c I've been trying to get settled. Anyway, I'm sure that is more information than anyone cares about - I know you just want to see pictures of Jake, so I'm going to try to upload some while I do other things throughout the day. This is the big birthday week! It's crazy that Jake will be officially 1 on Wednesday - WOW! This time last year, I was just praying it would be anyday!! :-) Hope this blog finds everyone doing great!!

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