Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Come Along on our Safari

On Saturday, we went to the Wild Animal Safari, which is about 30 minutes from our house. We had heard some good things about it .... and let me tell you, no zoo will probably ever compare to this experience that we had! You can either rent a van, take a bus, or drive your own vehicle down the 3 1/2 mile safari. You buy some food, roll down your windows, and feed the animals as they walk up to your car. They weren't joking when they say that the animals will stick their head into your cars (just ask Jake .... there was a buffalo that stuck his head right into Jake's window when we first pulled in, and Jake flipped!!! In all fairness, I would have, too)! They offer you a "slobber rag" on your way in, so you know you're in for some animal fun. Let's just say that on our way home, it started to rain, but we STILL had to run my car through the car wash to get all the "animal-ness" off my car. It was SUCH an experience, though - so fun!! Hope you enjoy your own safari ride while reading this post....
Here we go...
yep, that's a bull....

Staring contest.


Jake throwing some food out the window - when the animals weren't looking ;-) After his initial experience, he wanted the windows rolled up, as well as the sun roof! BUT he did slowly start having fun after he realized we wouldn't let any more animals meet him at his car seat!
Jake is not quite sure about that bull....

Chris is the only one that really "fed" them. Jake threw some food out of his window, and you better believe my window stayed rolled up the whole time :-)

Look at that tongue...
Seriously, this ostrich is scary and ugly!!!!!!
The giraffes were too busy in the shade .... they didn't want to come play :-(

Jake happy :-)

Cole VERY happy :-)

Jake's favorite animals were the pigs....

Little kiss!

There is a walk-thru part as well with the lions, tigers, monkeys, etc. (all the animals that they won't let come to your car - thank goodness). We ended up not doing that part, but we'll hit it up next time. It was about to thunderstorm - and we wanted to head on home. I know I already said this, but it really was QUITE THE EXPERIENCE!! It was one of those times when you say you're "making memories" ... and you really ARE! Lots of laughs, lots of stories!!!

Here are some great videos. As I mentioned earlier, Jake was NOT happy when the first animal (which happened to be a buffalo) stuck his head into his window. I hate that I videotaped it, but THIS was his reaction :-) We were all a little overwhelmed by all of this, but then ended up getting used to it - and it was such FUN!!

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