Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

After 10 sets of netting lights for the bushes, 3 boxes of icicle lights (with sparkle) for the front porch, a set of lighted garland for the front door, and 2 poinsettia plants....what do I have to show for the outdoor decorations?  Definitely not a good picture (but it was raining when I took this)!  Anyway, all the lights are white - even though in the picture it looks like multi-colored lights.  I'm very proud of my work (i think even Chris was impressed with my accomplishment) ..... and I did all of this without falling off the 3-step ladder ;-)  The Christmas spirit is alive and well in our household.  NOW, if I can just make sure these lights don't cause any type of a fire this season, then it will be a success (although I have been informed that I don't put water on an electrical fire, I smother it...and probably call the fire dept., but we are hoping it won't come to that)!! 


Heather said...

oh Allison! It's beautiful. You have a beautiful home!!! Love seeing lights on the houses at Christmastime!!! Can't believe you did it and involved the ladder. You scare me! Hee hee!!!!

Allison Ashinhurst said...

i only involved a 3-step ladder...nothing too crazy - I promise :-) It was fun getting all the lights put up - even though it's so much work and it doesn't even look like THAT many!!!!!