Friday, March 13, 2009

Savannah, GA

While my parents were here....we also went to Savannah - and walked on River Street, which is a street by the river (go figure) with lots of shops....and the highlight was the pralines - lots of free samples!!! Jake even got to eat some gelato, so he knew it was a special occasion!

Having lots of FUN!

Chris bought this apple that was covered in caramel, chocolate, pecans, and white chocolate drizzle (way too rich)! He waited until we got home to eat it....and I actually think some of it is still in the fridge. :-)

We had a GREAT time with Mimi and Papa Dee! Thanks so much for coming to see us. We can't wait until the next time!!

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Heather said...

These are so great! Glad you had some nice weather!! It is nasty here today. Jake is just so cute. Can't wait to see you guys again!!! MIss ya!