Monday, March 30, 2009

Mr. Bear #2

I'll just cut to the chase - we lost Mr. Bear in Charleston on Friday!! In all of the pictures you see from Charleston, I believe Jake is holding Mr. Bear.....who we have come to love and accept as a part of our family :-) As we were getting ready to leave, I couldn't find him ANYWHERE. We looked and looked - and nothing. I was seriously almost in tears, b/c Jake loves this blanket bear.....and plus - on the sentimental was one of those "items" I probably would have saved after Jake was ready to get rid of him for good. I mean, Mr. Bear has also been all over the country with us in the past year, so - it was pretty sad driving home WITHOUT Mr. Bear. Jake kept looking for him in his car seat and anytime I would hand him another toy, he would just throw it down...he definitely wanted Mr. Bear! So, I called Chris and asked him to pull down the "back up Mr. Bear" out of the closest (yes, I bought one that is the same - just not near as worn, so Jake never wants anything to do with it) - and I told Chris when we got home to just make a big deal about having it :-) So, we get home....Chris hands it to him...and Jake makes a face and throws it down. He did that about 3 times!! Chris said Jake is like a new mother with identical one can tell the twins apart - EXCEPT the Mother....and apparently, Jake can tell the Mr. Bears apart, too!! FORTUNATELY, Jake has taken to this Mr. Bear this weekend (probably because he hasn't had much of a choice) - and here is Jake clutching the new Mr. Bear in this picture. It really is sad that Mr. Bear #1 is floating around Charleston somewhere.....but I think Jake is going to come to love Mr. Bear #2 just as much....just with a little time....and as he starts to wear this one out :-)


Heather said...

oh! This IS sad! I can relate though. Ethan was very attached as well. We had to replace his little blankie a couple of times in the SEVEN years he used it. :) The new ones eventually met the need but it did take some time and was better than nothing of course. Charleston looks SO pretty!

Ringmaster said...

AWWWW, I would have been in tears too! Although I can't say I relate too much, Hailey doesn't really have a "Mr.Bear" in her life . . . maybe one day though ;) I'm glad #2 is working out!